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Can a radical “anti-Antifa” strip club manager win an election? Or will history repeat itself for the fourth time?

(PHOTO: Kristopher Goad via Twitter)

How Greek life’s history gave way to classism and white supremacy on college campuses

The Raleigh Tavern in downtown Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. It was in this building in 1776 that students of the College of William and Mary first met to form what would become Phi Beta Kappa — America’s first official Greek letter organization. (PHOTO: Tom)

“The issue here is…

How the murder of a friend taught me to support outlawing the death penalty

When insurgent QAnon candidates rattle an already-weakening political party.

Sen. Amanda Chase, R-Chesterfield, (third from left) announced her candidacy for governor of Virginia in February this year. Chase and her personal senate aide, Lauren Fulcher (second from left), both frequently espouse dangerous misinformation online, and are suspected to be enwrapped in the QAnon conspiracy theory. (PHOTO: Crixell Matthews/VPM)

“Avatar: the Last Airbender” and the importance of morals in children’s entertainment.

How ‘social distancing’ has impacted life around Virginia’s capital city of Richmond.

The subjective nature of symbolism and how it manifests through emotions

Six documentaries to expand your thinking while quarantined

Trump 2020 … not so far fetched, ‘eh?

There is a new figure for hope and his name is Neil Breen

PHOTO: & A Salty Cup of Tea


I write about right-wing extremism, Virginia politics & American culture | Student Journalist | Richmond, VA

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